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After the announcement by the Prime Minister on the 23rd March 2020 Repair It Specialists Ltd are still currently operating a


We are currently carrying out repair estimates using our Virtual Survey Service wherever possible in the national effort to reduce the strain on the NHS and support them as much as we can. 

However, we are taking extra precautions in order to protect ourselves and our valued customers in light of the coronavirus outbreak. This includes use of hand sanitation before and after appointments, no-contact arrangements during a visit if requested and the potential prioritisation of essential repairs & home visits before non-essential requests. 

If you have any queries regarding this update then please speak to a member of our staff on
Please click here for latest information from the NHS website

Who We Are...

Repit UK are repair specialists who specialise in hard surface finishing. With over 20 years experience we have become masters of our trade. We cover the whole of the South West including Clifton, Clevedon, Weston-super-mare, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Taunton, Dorchester, Portishead, Bridport, Chard, Minehead, Highbridge, Frome, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Exmouth, West Bay, Exeter, Bristol, Yeovil and Weymouth to name just a few.

Whether you have noticeable damage to a kitchen worktop, a badly scratched window, a cracked kitchen sink or hand wash basin, our repair specialists can provide an invisible repair for a fraction of the cost to replace.

We can repair bath chip damage and also shower tray cracks and damage. We use a special resin and then respray using a 3K finishing paint system.

If you want to change the colour of your existing windows and doors then we can do this. If they are UPVC or wooden then we have the perfect products. Our UPVC door and window respray service also works perfectly on other door materials. We can also colour match the garage door exactly so that it compliments the rest of the house.

We have a vast colour palet and our repair specialist technicians can tint anything from bricks and mortar to wood grain and marble. Everything is mixed and prepared on site to ensure a perfect match.

Using the best products on the market, all of our hard surface repair work is finished to the finest quality. Our special paint coatings give a more vibrant finish than the factory and are more durable and will last a lot longer too.








Repair it!

Home Repairs...

Our fully skilled repair specialist technicians can repair, respray and polish any repair on any hard surface. Once it has been repaired the damaged area is completely unnoticeable and matches perfectly. Our main skill sets include glass scratch removal and glass polishing, kitchen respraying, worktop repairs, garage door respraying, stone and brick repairs and UPVC door and window repairs and respraying.

We don't replace panes of glass but quite often we can remove the scratch and polish it out successfully. Our bathroom repairs cover everything from wall and floor tiles to bath resurfacing, sink chip repairs and cracked shower tray repairs and respraying. All of this is a saving against replacing the item, if you can even still find the items to match.

Commercial Repairs...

We carry out a lot of repairs on commercial buildings and properties for many different reasons. We have resprayed shop fronts and roller shutter doors that have become shabby and scruffy looking. A lot of modern commercial repairs involve repairing and respraying external cladding. This can become dislodged and damaged in high winds or even caught by unloading vehicles. If there has been existing signage in the past that has left fixing holes or marks then we can repair and disguise that perfectly. If you have flooring that originally had a coating on it or you are looking at recovering your flooring, maybe with a non-slip industrial paint, we can provide this too.

Contractors and site management companies use us to repair damage caused by other trades during a project. We can attend site using our work permits and carry out any repairs there and then. We have full PPE (personal protection equipment) and all of our permits are up to date.

End Of Tennency Repairs...

We carry out a lot of work for letting agencies and even tenants themselves who require end of tenancy repair work in their properties. A rented property is inspected in regular intervals and must be kept in good condition. Any damage is usually the responsibility of the tenant to repair or replace or the tenant can instruct the landlord or letting agency to arrange for repairs to be carried out by their preferred contractors. Rep-it UK can carry out any repair work for either party at a time that suits them. We can accommodate out of hours repairs or we can be let in to the property so that the repair is complete upon the tenant or owners return.

Damaged worktops, damaged internal doors, damaged garage doors, chipped baths or sinks, cracked shower trays, broken floor or wall tiles, the list is endless. All of these can be repaired invisibly in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost to replace. If you are a letting agency then we would like to hear from you so we can discuss your requirements and any special rates available if our contact details are left for the tenants to use if required.

Caravan & Motorhome Repairs...

Repit-UK are fully skilled in carrying out caravan & motorhome repairs either at your home or place of storage. Whilst not being used, caravans & motorhomes become dull and covered in algae which if left untreated can cause staining to panels and damage to water seals. Using our specialist equipment we are able to deep clean and highly polish the aluminium painted panels and bring them back to a high gloss finish. Maybe you like to display stickers on windows or panels of places you've visited or even club membership stickers. These eventually become faded or start peeling and leave a glue residue. We can remove this safely without harming the paint work.

Internally, it is common to have had the odd tin of beans fly out of an over head locker and damage the worktop of table below. The internal walls, doors and lockers are also all made from lightweight materials. These surfaces are made from hollow honeycomb design cardboard filling and then laminated on top for lightness. However, the trade off is strength. Our high tech resins can be used for caravan & motorhome worktop repairs. Once dry the hardener goes off so that the surface is stronger than the original item. We can colour match any design or grain effect perfectly so that the damaged area cannot be seen.

The sinks and shower trays are also prone to cracking from sun damage or scratching and these can all be repaired and fully resurfaced. We can also respray these items in a completely different colour or shade of your choice. We get asked to respray a lot of cream bathroom sinks in white to match the shower tray. This can be completed within a day and ready to use in around 48 hours.

You can read more about us by clicking this link.

Why replace it, when you can REPIT!

What We Do...

Repit Uk respray upvc doors

UPVC Repairs & Colour Changing

Repit uk specialise in repairing and respraying UPVC doors and windows. We also refurbish and respray garage doors in any colour of your choice so that they all match perfectly

Garage door repairs and respraying Somerset

Garage Door Repairs & Resprays

We can repair and respray garage doors if the paint is flaking off or they are scratched or damaged. We can also colour match them exactly so that they compliment the rest of your house

Bath chip damage & respraying Somerset

Bath Chip Damage & Respraying Somerset

If your bath is chipped or damaged then we can repair it. Our repair specialists use special resins and hardeners before respraying with a long lasting durable 3K paint system that's as good as original

Laminate and veneer repairs Somerset

Laminate and veneer repairs Somerset

If you have a laminate or veneer that requires a repair then our technicians specialise in this. They can fully repair the damaged area and then hand tint the area so it matches exactly using special finishes

Kitchen worktop repairs Somerset

Kitchen worktop repairs Somerset

Kitchen worktops are made from laminate, wood, marble and granite. We can repair, respray or polish any of these so the repair is completely unnoticeable. Our colour match paint system is the latest technology

Repit uk repair stone work and specialise in brick tinting

Stone Work & Brick Tinting

Repit uk repair stone work and specialise in brick tinting. We can repair damaged bricks and stone cills and then colour match them exactly afterwards

Repit uk repair glass scratches and specialise in glass polishing

Glass Repairs And Polishing

Repit uk repair glass scratches and specialise in glass polishing. Our repair specialists can remove glass scratches and then polish the glass back to its original condition

Bathroom Sink Repairs Somerset

Bathroom Sink Repairs

Repit UK can repair cracks, chips and damage areas to bathroom sinks with a special resin. They can then be resprayed in any colour with a 3k paint system that is as hard wearing and durable as new

Our Repair Services Include...

Our Pledge To You...

No Landfill...


Repair Not Replace

Repit-UK will always endeavour to repair an object to prevent it going to landfill. We live in a throw away society and it's all too easy to buy a replacement each time but if you really want to save the planet, this is where it begins.

Top Brands...

Repit-uk repair not replace

Quality Products

Repit-UK only use the best named products available on the market today. We will never use inferior materials and guarantee that all of our finishes are as good, if not better, than the original coatings manufacturers use.

Full Guarantee...

Repit-UK 12 month guarantee on all workmanship and materials

All Work Guaranteed

Repit-UK are fully insured against accidental damage. All of our work comes with a full 12 month guarantee. If any of our workmanship or materials fail within that period we will carry out the repair again free of charge.

Automotive Part Repairs...

Repit-UK are specialists in plastic repair work and can carry out automotive part repairs such as cracked bumpers, broken wing mirrors, damaged motorbike fairings and mudguards. We can also carry out custom work if you would like to personalise the inside or outside of your vehicle. We can colour match dash items as well as door trims and fascia panels.

We can also colour code external trims and bodywork to compliment or contrast the existing colour scheme. If you have an idea for something different then call and speak to one of our team as we will always undertake varied and different projects.

We Now Offer Virtual Surveys As A Unique Service!

Repit-UK are the first in the industry to carry out virtual surveys. We can now use modern mobile technology to view damaged surfaces or large scale areas that require spraying, live! By simply carrying out a video call or Face Timing with us we can look at live footage of any service that requires an estimate for repair. This service also allows us to speak to the customer on loudspeaker so we can ask for certain areas to be highlighted or reviewed in greater detail.

Click on the image or the 'Call Us Today' button below and then select video call from your mobile device to start a live chat with us.

Repit-UK virtual surveys with phone in Somerset and South West

Request A Free Repair Estimate

If you would like a FREE quote or estimate for any repair then you can use our simple form below. You can easily attach photos and documents for us to see or call one of our friendly team for an informal chat.
Remember - Repair not Replace! Saving our planet from land fill


    We contacted Repit-uk about a bathroom sink repair after it was damaged during some building work. Steve arrived on time and assured us he could repair it. When he had finished we couldn't believe it was the same sink. You can't see the damaged area at all. Amazing work and a very pleasant guy. Would highly recommend  

    Jeff Thomson, Bristol

    Fantastic service from Steve. He repaired our damaged floor tile and I can't even tell which one it was now. No mess and very reasonable. Thank you 

    Theresa Philips, Bridgwater

    Our Victorian house has lots of old drilled holes in the brick work from previous doorbells and letter boxes which looked a mess when we decided to move. Repit-uk came out and repaired the holes and then painted them so well that you wouldn't even know it had been done. Very pleased

    David Jones, Minehead