Belfast Kitchen Sink Repair

Belfast Kitchen Sink Repair In Bridgwater Somerset By Repit-UK

Today our job was very local. We we doing a Belfast kitchen sink repair in Bridgwater, Somerset in a beautiful home surrounded by countryside. On arrival we were made a cup of coffee as we was looking at the sink damage. The Belfast sink damage was a chip in the middle of the sink partition. There were also some metal marks. These are made by any metal kitchen utility item. After removing the marks we cleaned the sink and cut the damaged area out ready to fill. Before filling the repair area we have to make sure the area is very dry. We do this with a heat gun set to low heat. Porcelain can take very hot temperatures. After filling we left the filler to harden which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes until it becomes ready to sand and shape. After shaping the area to match the original edge, blending is needed. This prevents reactions and product curling. Onto our second cup of coffee and now it was time to match the Belfast kitchen sink repair colour. White sinks are never just a one off solid white. We toned down the brightness of our white coating and also added some yellow colour code. Three spot tests later and a perfect colour match was achieved. Then it was time to apply the adhesion coating. Five minutes after adhesion was added it’s time for the repair to have some colour. At this point we set up the airbrush to spray very fine which gives a mist coating all over the repair area. This is then followed by thicker wet coats. Drying time is very quick. After the final coat a smooth wet coat is applied and the edging is blended. The sink is now complete and out of order for 12 hrs. This gives the Belfast sink repair area time to cure and set. After we had finished, the repair was invisible. Our customer Mr Ball was amazed the damage had disappeared. Having finishing the Belfast kitchen sink repair in Bridgwater, our customer showed us some other kitchen repairs to his kitchen island corner panels which he would like doing. We have agreed to return and repair them for him. Another great morning repairing and another happy customer .

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