Garage Door Resprays in Somerset

Repit-UK garage door resprays in Somerset

This week we were carrying out garage door resprays in Somerset. The house in question was in Taunton. The customer contacted me through the website and was able to provide pictures from his phone. These pictures showed the disrepair that the garage door was in. I decided to call him back and use our virtual survey service. This simply means that by accepting a video call when prompted on your phone, that I can see exactly what you are looking at in real time. I can also speak to you through the loudspeaker and ask for close ups of certain areas. So this is what we did. From this I could see that there was quite a bit of surface rust to treat first before we started the garage door resprays.

Once we arrived we set to work grinding and sanding down the damaged areas. This took the longest to do because this is the most important part of the job. If this part isn't prepared properly then the rust and damage will just come back through again.

Once we were happy the area was free of damage and debris we coated it with an etching primer. This eats into the surface layer of the metal and forms a strong bond for the paint finish to adhere to. It didn't take long to dry and then we were able to apply the top coat. When we carry out our garage door resprays we spend time making sure that everything else is masked off properly. If this part isn't done correctly then time is wasted at the end removing over spray with thinners and solvents which is unnecessary.

The customer was over the moon with the finished results. Once the garage door resprays are finished and colour matched to compliment the house it makes a massive difference. It looked like a brand new door again. We have already had two more enquiries for garage door resprays which were purely from recommendations from this customer.