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Glass Polishing

All Repit UK repair specialist technicians carry professional glass polishing equipment. This is used once a glass repair has been carried out. Our repair specialists will use a variety of specialist glass polishing compounds.

Our technicians start with a course cutting compound and work their way up to a fine cutting compound.The trick is to get enough heat into the glass to activate the compound but not too much as their is a severe risk that the glass will crack.

After learning the skills of glass polishing over many years, the art has moved on leaps and bounds with new and innovative products. These include cutting pastes and polishes and also cutting discs. These are commonly used for dry polishing and wet polishing with both oil based and water based products.
Over time the glass polishing machines have changed and have a more robust build to withstand every day use.
It sounds easy but it’s skill and knowledge gained over many hours of work and practice that make glass polishing a difficult art.
The one thing needed is patience for that perfect result. At one time all we could do as glass polishers were small light scratches. Nowadays, with more skills and products have that have moved on through technology, whole panes of glass can cleared of scratches. This is called Re facing.
We use the best glass polishing system on the market today that gives great results. We use water based products so there is no mess in your home or business to worry about. The end result is scratch free glass.
We carry out glass polishing repairs in Somerset and the whole of the South West including:
Clifton, Clevedon, Weston-super-mare, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Taunton, Dorchester, Portishead, Bridport, Chard, Minehead, Highbridge, Frome, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Exmouth, West Bay, Exeter, Bristol, Yeovil and Weymouth to name just a few.
You can send us pictures of your damaged area via email and using our simple file attachment facility below. We are a modern company and can also carry out virtual surveys using Face Time or video calling from any mobile device. Alternatively you call us and arrange for us to visit your home or site for a free estimate.
Why replace when you can repair and restore or renovate. Please browse our completed projects for repair pictures and damages we have carried out. This is the most economical way to reduce waste from our land fill sites.
Repit UK - saving our planet for a cleaner brighter future!

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