Kitchen Spraying In Bridgwater, Somerset

Kitchen spraying in Bridgwater, Somerset

We were contacted recently to carry out a kitchen spraying in Bridgwater, Somerset. After a brief conversation with the homeowner Miss Ingram about a kitchen respray and colour change, we made an appointment to see her.
On arrival and having previously discussed the colours Miss Ingram preferred, we showed her the various standard shades available within that colour range. We found an exact colour match and then let her choose the sheen finish.
The fitted kitchen cupboards were outdated and of wood grain design, making the kitchen quite a dark place. The new colour would add new light to the kitchen enhancing it’s looks. We explained that once the kitchen cabinet spraying was finished they would look like new doors and draws when fully coated. Miss Ingram also selected new handles to go with the new colours of her units.
I placed the paint order to be mixed for her with our suppliers. The next morning the paint arrived on time. A test end panel was sprayed before we carried out all of the doors and units. Miss Ingram asked if we could make it slightly lighter again, this we can do on site so we mixed a lighter shade and Miss Ingram was happy for us to carry on.
Our customer also had some damage on the kitchen worktop and said she was going to replace it. There was a large piece of the end veneer missing. You could see the wood chip construction underneath it and she had lost the broken piece. We carried out a laminate and veneer worktop repair on the black high gloss worktop for her. This saved Miss Ingram even more money and she was delighted with the results as she couldn't see or remember where the damage had been.
After 2 days the work was completed. The new handles had been fitted to all the cupboards and draws. On return Miss Ingram was smiling and said 'Wow, they look better than new!' The kitchen area is now so much lighter and looks bigger. The new sorbet T bar handles complement the new gloss grey colour.
Happy Customers is what we always aim for with our Repair Service.
Having pride in our work every day .
Seeing happy clients and customers alike drives us on past many peoples expectations