Kitchen Worktop Repair

laminate worktop repair by Repit-UK

We were called out by a client to see it was possible to carry out a laminate & veneer kitchen worktop repair in a student accommodation building. This was a large area on the front edge, in fact, the damaged area was over a foot long!  On arrival we inspected the damage and found out it was caused by heat from the oven. It had blistered the edge and there was some delamination spots on the top surface.

When we start any kitchen worktop repair we always cut away any loose or damaged areas first. We make sure all the wood underneath the laminate is dry and solid then we use a multitool to cut out to a required depth to secure our fillers and resins. After filling and allowing the resins to bond and cure, shaping can begin. Every detail matters and has to be correct. On large repairs with long wood details are harder to match. This is not a problem for us as we are all fully trained in colour matching. Our repairs and resins are a like for like product. This gives us a strong bind and a rock hard repair.

On this very large worktop repair we used french polishing background build up skills along with surface finishing skills. Together these create a very impressive repair both to the touch and to the eye. We mixed five different shades to achieve the perfect match for this wood block laminate finish.

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