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Repit Uk specialise in bathroom sink repairs. A lot of people could be forgiven for looking at a sink, such as the example in the pictures here, and believing it was beyond repair. It is often so easy to decide to replace an item rather than repair it. However, with most bathroom sink repairs it would be hard to match certain ones. Our example below was an old design and no longer available. A lot of bathroom sink designs are discontinued and the moulds of old sinks changed in favour of more modern designs as replacements. This is a problem if you want to keep the design if it matches the era of the property of an existing bathroom suite.
If you were to buy a new bathroom sink then the new sink may not match the bath and toilet of an existing matching suit. A modern sink would look out of place in an Edwardian property if the rest of the suite was period. We offer a perfect solution with our sink repairs services. Chips or even large holes can be repaired with a perfect colour match.
We use new technologies and advanced resins that enable us to guarantee our works quality.
Our specialist equipment allows us to apply an extremely hard wearing yet smooth finish when we carry out bathroom sink resurfacing. Even on small bathroom sink chip and cracks our sink repairs go completely unnoticed. Our bathroom sink repairs are dry enough to use again after 12 hours and then as good as new after 24 hours.
Repit-uk can repair bathroom sinks and hand basins
Repit-uk can repair cracked bathroom sinks and hand basins
The process is similar for hairline spider cracks as well. This particular hand basin had had a heavy object dropped on to it by accident. It had caused what looked to be severe damage. The impact had caused shattering right through to both the rear and side of the basin.
Each step of the bathroom sink repairs process is a delicate one which involves preparing the damaged area so that it will accept and bond with the resin before the surface is finished.
Once the hardener has gone off and it is sprayed with a specific finish, the new surface will be as good and durable as new.
This customer was convinced we had replaced the sink unit and we even struggled to find any evidence of our sink repairs to prove to him. That's when you know you've done a perfect sink repair.
When we had finished these particular sink repairs, you would struggle to see exactly where the original sink damage had been. Sink repairs are one of our more common specialist repairs and our repair specialist technicians have all the correct materials and experience to carry it out to perfection.
We can help and advise on you on the best course of action. Simply fill in our contact form and use the file uploader facility to send us a picture. Alternatively, give us a quick call and tell us as much information as possible regarding the age and design along with the level of damage that requires attention.
We can then arrange for one of our repair specialists to book an appointment to help you get that sink restoration under way . Our plastic surgeon technician will shape, mould and fill to the original details and then mix an exact colour to match your sink basin or bath. Shower trays are also repairable in the same way.
We only use the best products available on the market  today.
We carry out sink repairs in Somerset and the whole of the South West including:
Clifton, Clevedon, Weston-super-mare, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Taunton, Dorchester, Portishead, Bridport, Chard, Minehead, Highbridge, Frome, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Exmouth, West Bay, Exeter, Bristol, Yeovil and Weymouth to name just a few.
You can send us pictures of your damaged area via email and using our simple file attachment facility below. We are a modern company and can also carry out virtual surveys using Face Time or video calling from any mobile device. Alternatively you call us and arrange for us to visit your home or site for a free estimate.
Why replace when you can repair and restore or renovate. Please browse our completed projects for repair pictures and damages we have carried out. This is the most economical way to reduce waste from our land fill sites.
Repit UK - saving our planet for a cleaner brighter future!

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We Now Offer Virtual Surveys As A Unique Service!

Repit-UK are the first in the industry to carry out virtual surveys. We can now use modern mobile technology to view damaged surfaces or large scale areas that require spraying, live! By simply carrying out a video call or Face Timing with us we can look at live footage of any service that requires an estimate for repair. This service also allows us to speak to the customer on loudspeaker so we can ask for certain areas to be highlighted or reviewed in greater detail.

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